Who we are

What defines us, what drives us, why are we doing this? Many questions that we are happy to answer.

Carl Amery once said “Nature knows no problems, ONLY SOLUTIONS”.

This quote has haunted us for many long years and ultimately drove us to our calling. vocation, accompanied by the lack of understanding why there is hunger, hardship and misery on this planet . The ecological overexploitation, caused by us humans, is leaving the most important resource of all our lives – water – mutate into a luxury good. Even the indigenous peoples (Hopi Indians from Arizona, Aborigines in Australia or the Yahomanis of the Amazon) were aware that without water there are no plants and without plants there is no life.

With the least possible use of resources water, energy, without the use of chemicals, and the cultivation of healthy microgreens, we at Bona Vida Son Bages SL have dedicated ourselves with the slogan seed2feed .

100% Organic. 100% Regional. 100% Sustainable.

Our microgreens grow naturally without any additives. Our products are free from pesticides, herbicides and GMOs and the seeds are certified according to DE-ÖKO-006.

We produce our microgreens absolutely fresh from the region for the region. We strive to disrupt supply chains by producing regionally and thus deliver living microgreens.

Our microgreens are a wonderful way to help the planet and eat healthy. Microgreens require far fewer resources than traditional farming methods and therefore have an environmental footprint.

What speaks for us?

Our aim is to arrive in Mallorca with a year-round cultivation of microgreens in our indoor farm.
Offering the highest possible and exclusively FRESH ORGANIC quality regionally for the region is a challenge that we are aware of. For years I have been intensively involved with the topic of water, organic nutrients and the cultivation methods hydroponics as well as microgreens and sprouts.
Sustainable, local and urban production of healthy food, without chemical pollution, is the future.
We, Bona Vida Son Bages SL, would like to make a small contribution to this.

Know-how and experience

We have been dealing with alternative cultivation methods, hydroponics and healthy food, in theory and practice, for 10 years now. On this basis, absolute expertise has developed over the years.

Individual adaptability

As a locally producing company, we are able to respond to your individual wishes at any time. Ask us about special microgreens, delivery times or larger quantities.

Local company

Proximity to our customers and the market is important to us, because this is the only way we can guarantee the absolute freshness of our products and keep delivery and transport times as short as possible.

Our Partners

We work closely with these companies:

Our preferred BIO seed supplier

Keimgrün GmbH

Our water filter system

Aquion GmbH

Our web and advertising agency

mallorca media

Our osmosis and water softening systems


Unser Partner for microgreen growing systems (Shops & Indoor-Farms)