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Microgreen cultivation in Mallorca.

100% sustainable. 100% organic. 100% regional.

What are microgreens?

Short and sweet

Microgreens are young, tender plants that are grown from various vegetable and herb seeds. The little powerhouses impress with their high nutrient density. They are particularly rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and carotenoids (including provitamin A).

What are they used for?

The green nutrient suppliers can be used in many ways as intensive flavor carriers. The small leaves, which often come in different colors and shapes, are a welcome change from the usual, somewhat boring garnishes on the plate. They are also ideal as a spice due to their intense taste. Microgreens are also perfect raw and fresh in salads and green smoothies.

What are the advantages of microgreens?

  • Extremely high nutrient content and bioavailability (= absorption capacity or amount of a nutrient that is actually absorbed by the body)
  • Lots of active enzymes (up to 100x more than fresh vegetables, Source: Ann Wigmore Institute.)
  • Chlorophyll rich
  • High in fiber & low in calories
  • Inexpensive
  • Environmentally friendly, among other things because local cultivation guarantees FRESHNESS
  • No preparation or chopping work as with most types of vegetables, simply cutting them off.
  • Saves water because they don’t need to be washed, they can be eaten straight away.

Where and how do we grow?

We grow microgreens in Mallorca exclusively and all year round in our indoor farm in Llucmajor, with certified organic seeds. Completely without chemicals and excellently filtered and mineralized AQUION water.

Tailored for you

All Microgreen varieties are planted upon request or order. If you would like to purchase a microgreen variety that we are not currently planting, please ask us. We will make you an offer tailored to you and your needs.

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