Pak Choi

Pak choi – or Chinese mustard cabbage – is an Asian leafy vegetable and a close relative of Chinese cabbage. Its taste is similar: wonderfully mild with a slight mustardy aroma. It goes perfectly with almost any dish, but is of course also a great addition to Asian cuisine.

Flavour: The fresh green pak choi has a fine, spicy taste reminiscent of Chinese cabbage.

Ingredients: Pak choi microgreens contain a lot of potassium and carotene, calcium, vitamin C and some B vitamins, as well as secondary plant compounds such as flavonoids and phenolic acid. Of course, like all cabbage plants, pak choi also contains a lot of mustard oils (glucosinolates).

Use: Raw in salads, on bread, in juices, smoothies, herbal curd, with fruit or as a garnish for your dishes.

Positive properties: Pak choi has an antibiotic and germicidal effect due to mustard oils.